I have 5 daughters. At the present time 4 are playing in sports program from beginners to high level team sports. Our girls ages are16, 13, 11, 6 and 5. The older 3 have attended Fast Fit since they were 6 years old.

 The oldest 3 all play for Beadling Soccer Club. Colette plays for the U16 Beadling United Team. They are 5 time Pa. State Champions. Italia play for the U13 Beadling Gunners and is 2 time State Champions. Athena plays for the U11 Beadling Team. They are not old enough to play for the State title but are odds on favorite to compete for that title next year.

 They have done well at other sports such as basketball, softball, swimming, volley ball, gymnastics, golf and diving.

 Here is the point of this note. If you watch our girls play any of the sports mentioned above you will see fluid well coordinated movements. They have what some call “natural ability”. This so call “natural” ability was developed on the asphalt pavement and the gym floors used by Dan during their Fast Fit Training. The basic athletic movement along with the core development learned at an early age is a form of muscle Blue Printing. It has helped them become top athletes. It doesn’t matter what the sport, the basic movements and core development are the same.

  Dan also makes it fun. The kids compete in a way because of the different levels of athletes attending. There always seems to be someone there a little better than you. Here is a suggestion; if you have any doubts about this training just take the class yourself. I promise you will sign up as soon as Dan blows the last whistle.

 PS; you are welcome to call me if you wish to speak further about the training. Call any time my personal cell 412-302-0014.

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When my daughter, Jillian,  came to me at the end of her 8th grade season and said that she wanted to be a freshman starter the following season  for the Franklin Regional Lacrosse team,  I knew there was only one way for her to accomplish her goal – FastFit. She needed to be in prime physical condition and improve her foot speed.

She immersed herself into the program and worked tirelessly that summer with Dan. Training continued through fall and winter in preparation for the spring season and she made dramatic improvements in all aspects of performance training – quickness, body position, agility and overall speed.

Jillian completed her high school career in 2008 having started every game of her career (85) and she is currently the career leader in goal scoring with 201 goals.  She has continued to apply FastFit principles in her training at Pitt where she is a starter and goal scoring leader for the lacrosse team. 

I believe that FastFit is the absolute best performance training program that an athlete can participate in. As a physical therapist and athletic trainer I know and understand the training concepts and Dan has them mastered. Participation in FastFit is also critical for return to sport after injury and I recommend this program to all my patients who are recovering from surgery or injury.

John Bonaroti, PT, ATC - East Suburban Sports Medicine Center
Dan Obremski is the best!  If you are a dedicated athlete who is looking to improve your speed, agility, conditioning, flexibility, strength, power, and explosion then Dan O is your guy.  I am a former high school and college football offensive lineman (Washington and Jefferson College, small college football) who trained with Dan consistently for 10 years every offseason from the time that the season ended in December until I went to football camp in August.  I can honestly say that I never missed a workout and because of the training I did with Dan, I was tremendously prepared physically and mentally every time August rolled around and it was time to go back to training camp.  My physical conditioning was at a higher level, my speed and quickness was better, and my explosive power and strength were above anyone else on the team.  My teammates could not keep up with me, and I beat on them every practice, which then transferred into beating on opponents in games, which allowed me to become an All-American, All-Region, and All-Conference offensive center.  I owe much of this success and these accolades to Dan and his training methods and training environment.  The training environment that he provides is one that will enhance confidence and build self-esteem for athletes of any age, gender, and level.  His training methods also provide a great mental workout, for they will push your body to the limit, which comes into play on the field of your sport every game.  You must be mentally tough!!  These workouts will help you to achieve a high level of mental toughness. 

            Dan’s program trains the entire body.  Especially the core, hips, feet, and legs.  To be a successful athlete today and excel at your sport, you must have a strong core.  Your abs and lower back must be in top condition, must be explosive, must be fast twitch, and must be powerful!!  Dan Obremski’s training focuses on these things in very unique and innovative ways.

In closing, if you are a serious athlete who is looking to get better and dominate your sport, I encourage you to work out with Dan.  He will bring your game to a new level.  I am living proof of this.  His training flat out works.  GO GET IT!!!

Dave Bucar - University of Pittsburgh Football Staff Assistant
As Division 1 Female Soccer Athlete at the University of Miami I would
like to thank Dan Obremski’s Fast Fit Program for my success as a
female athlete. The Fast Fit Program was the difference I needed to
stand out and to develop into a division 1 player at the highest level
of soccer. I had the technical skill as a soccer player and Fast Fit
helped me to develop the endurance, strength, and speed I needed as a
female athlete. I had earned a Full Athletic Scholarship to the
University of Miami. After training with Fast Fit for 4 years through
high school into my freshman year of college I came in 3rd place or
better in all of our Fitness Tests for Pre-Season Trainings at the
University of Miami competing against all of my upper and lower class
teammates. I proceeded to get Offensive MVP my freshman season. Dan
Obremski’s Fast Fit Program will make the difference in every high
school and collegiate athlete. Dan Obremski is a motivating trainer
that can help every athlete gets to that higher level. Everyone should
take advantage of having the opportunity to receive fast fit trainings
from a highly respected Olympian Trainer!

Nicole Safran

Nicole Safran High School Soccer ALL AMERICAN -University of Miami Full Scholorship
avatarThomas Keiser NFL Defensive End Carolina Panthers "thoughts about FASTFIT"

When I started training with Dan my running mechanics were very poor and because
of that, I was not coming close to reaching my speed, explosiveness, and agility

Through the various drills, positive coaching, and valuable critiques he used,
my biomechanics have improved dramatically.  I am now able to transfer the
strength and power I develop in the wieght room into movement on the football

On top of improving running mechanics and improving speed and agility, the
sessions end up being some of the best conditioning that I could do to prepare
myself for football camp.

I would recommend Dan to any athlete who is serious about improving their
performance on the field.

Thomas Keiser NFL Defensive End Carolina Panthers

Teams 1998 to present

  • Gateway High School Football, Softball, Girls Volleyball Teams
  • Mars Area High School Football, Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Softball Teams
  • Riverview High School Football Team
  • Norwin High School Girls Soccer Team
  • Speed Coach for Several Cup Soccer Teams in the Pittsburgh Area
  • Speed Coach for AAU Girls Basketball Team
  • Franklin Regional Lacrosse Teams and Team camps
  • Franklin  Varsity Soccer Boys and Girls
  • Penn Trafford Girls and Boys Varsity  Soccer and Basketball and Field Hockey Teams
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  • Fox Chapel Varsity Soccer
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  • FC Pittsburgh Speed Coach
  • Seton Hill University Womens Basketball, Tennis Teams
  • Chatham University Womens Basketball Team
  • Greensburg Central Catholic Boys Soccer Team
  • Mckeesport Area Boys High School Soccer
  • Many more high school and club teams and THOUSANDS of individual athletes.
  • Lecturer at numerous camps and coaching clinics