Our two children participate in Dan Obremski's Fast Fit program whenever we can fit it in their schedules. Their overall strength and especially their speed are noticeably improved as a direct result of the training. Dan keeps it fast paced and fun; even though it is hard work they enjoy it and look forward to it. He explains why each drill is important and the specific benefit, even explaining which part of the sport will benefit.

Dan Sigg
avatarI have been training with Dan Obremski for almost a decade now! Over
the years, he has taught me valuable lessons that have helped me to
become a better athlete and more importantly a better woman. Dan works
intelligently to improve one’s speed and agility by offering a
holistic approach to peak performance training for mind, body and
skills. Dan’s charismatic and motivating style of teaching along with
the fact that he himself is an accomplished athlete give him the
‘street cred’ necessary to truly connect with athletes. Personally,
Dan has provided more than just speed and agility exercises, he has
been a mentor of sort who has taught me the importance of hard work
and dedication.

Late in the fall season before my freshman year of college, I
underwent the unhappy triad knee surgery (ACL, MCL and lateral
meniscus). After my first semester of playing Division I soccer at the
University of Louisville, I was on the brink of giving up soccer
because my performance was in a slump. I am a player that has always
been known for my speed however with my knee in recovery, my speed,
overall performance and confidence were struggling. Ultimately, Dan is
the main reason I am still happily playing today. I owe many of my
accomplishments to him because without his expertise and support, my
achievements today would hardly have been imaginable!

There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better athlete and better
person because of the time I have spent with Dan.  His knowledge,
expertise and genuine was and will always be greatly appreciated.

Tricia Vensel Franklin Regional Soccer / Winthrop University Division I Scholarship Athlete
I have trained with Dan in his Fast Fit program since I was in middle school. There is no doubt it has helped me improve my speed and agility. As I have been exposed to advanced training programs during my athletic career, there are always elements included in these programs that I learned first from Dan. His training and support have been huge in helping me reach my goals.

Christine Pellegrino Goalkeeper - Kent State University Women's Soccer Team
"I believe that FASTFIT and Dan Obremski have been an asset to me in developing the necessary tools that I need to get where I am.   I was there at a young age, and it's never too early to get started.  Thank You Dan!

Scott McKillop San Francisco 49ers - Linebacker
I've been training with Dan for the past two year. Going to Dan's classes have not only helped me become a stronger athlete but develop better work ethics. He teaches that every sprint can help better your performance and you always have to finish your hardest. He shares the best running and starting techniques during every work out in order to help reach full potential. Also, Dan is one of the best motivators I've ever met. He knows how to make criticism sound positive and push you further. 

After attending Dan's classes I noticed a huge difference in my fitness and technique compared to the rest of my teammates. I would recommend anyone to give Dan's program a try to see if he can push them to their limits and beyond.


Elena Shields Franklin Regional Varsity Soccer and Track

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