Dan Obremski’s FASTFIT Training SYSTEM is one of the most comprehensive speed training systems in the country, and the top ranked program in the Pittsburgh, Western PA, and Myrtle Beach communities.  FASTFIT provides an ‘avenue of opportunity’ for anyone looking to reach their physical or athletic potential.  Dan Obremski brings to this program a diversified background in professional sports, training techniques, and proven success, that will benefit everyone from the non-trained, to the highest level of professional athlete.

Dan believes that most athletes seek help in the area of SPORT SPECIFIC MOVEMENT SKILLS, and for that reason he has developed his own:



  • Dynamic warm up
  • Form Running / Technique
  • First Step Speed
  • Lateral Movement
  • Explosive Speed
  • Jumping Ability
  • Footwork
  • Balance
  • Core Body Strength
  • 6 Different Styles of Sprinting Specific to Movement Sports
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention

Classes are designed to challenge each athlete with a group of exercises that help develop the skills necessary to compete at the highest levels in the world.

  • 40 and 60 yard dash training and shuttle run training available

*Your athlete is evaluated and goals are established for his or her specific needs.

Dan is there to provide motivation, guidance, and Professional Technique that will enhance and improve each and every athlete.  Your athlete will acquire the knowledge necessary to perform every movement in a safe and structured format.

**Athletes are also instructed on Rest periods, Plyometric jumping guidelines and dangers, resistance exercises and other “popular” training modalities that require professional guidance and caution.**

Private, Semi Private, and Class settings are offered to accommodate your needs.

Make the decision now to “WORK HARD and WORK SMART”.  Get FASTFIT™ today!!!