Note to Parents / Coaches

To all of the players, parents, boosters and coaches that utilize FASTFIT as your source for movement skills , I’d like to thank you once again for allowing my FASTFIT Training System to be a part of your preparation.  Making a commitment to this program will strengthen your chances of starting the season ahead of all other teams within the WPIAL and throughout the country!!.

For those of you that I haven’t had a chance to meet, I’d like to give you a brief description of the program and how it will benefit your athlete.  I formulated the FASTFIT Program almost 17 years ago after teaching at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for 17 years.  During this time, I was exposed to the very best of movement skill and speed training that our country has to offer.  For six years I studied and experimented with many ideas before developing a complete system of training that an individual or a team can utilize to reach their athletic goals.

This information can not be learned or mastered in a weekend course or with an on line certification, although I do carry an on line fitness certification and I do teach weekend seminars to coaches and trainers. This level of sports specific training comes through years of learning how athletes perform and what specific movements help them attain the next level.

As most of you know, training an athlete for speed or for a sport is not about one drill or even a few drills that professional athletes do…it’s about a system of training or coaching that covers many or all areas of the athletes desired goals.

My goal is to help your student athlete improve physically and mentally.  The class training is done two days per week for an hour per session.  Initially, the athletes will learn how the body works to enhance all movement skills.  There are different components of movement that can be learned that include each and every body part.  We start by learning how each of those body parts effects movement, and then many exercises are taught to reinforce positive habits.

Within the first two months of training, we will improve starting speed, open field speed, quickness in all directions, agility and flexibility, footwork, core body strength and an overall awareness of the field through good posture and strength.  Some of the intangibles that also come from working hard and smart are improved cardiovascular fitness, injury prevention, and better self esteem.

The exercises will include many different types of sprints, cone drills for agility, ladder drills for foot speed and core strength, as well as many different types of dynamic stretches and skill movements to enhance running form.  All of the movements are explained and demonstrated to ensure your athlete is not overtraining or putting themselves at risk. 

Plyometrics are also a very popular mode of exercise used around the country for power, first step, and foot speed….but it’s VERY important that they are done with perfect form, perfect duration and perfect rest.  I’ve taken all of this into consideration when formulating your child’s routine.

Hopefully this explains a little bit of what the FASTFIT Training System offers.

I look forward to working with your athlete or your team!


Dan Obremski